Tarek Riman

Founder/Strategist, Cap.TaiM |

Tarek Riman is Founder & Strategist at Cap.TaiM (https://captaim.com). I have worked with 40+ Agencies, SMBs and Fortune 500s; and I have 18+ certifications in the digital marketing world (which include Ad Words, Analytics, Bing, Hubspot, Woorank, Hootsuite). My mission is to help clients who have a good product, but haven't yet reached their full potential to expand their reach, create a strong brand presence and increase onsite conversions.

Tarek's approach is to educate clients so that, no matter their marketing knowledge or background, they understand how to identify & target their ideal clients in the digital world, using the latest technologies available.

He is the creator of Thenaturetraveler.ca, a site which collects photographs and art from travelers around the world. The proceeds from the photos & art go to the UN Refugee Agency & other causes. Tarek is also involved with NGOs and Charities, in Canada & worldwide.