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April 21, 2016
Advertising today is about connection . It’s about storytelling and story starting . You have to tell the right stories at the right time to truly connect with and inspire your audience.
Connecting Through Stories and Archetypes: How to Think, Talk and Act Like Your Customers | Social Media Today
March 23, 2016
Remember how captivating a good story could be when you were a kid? You felt connected to those far-away, imaginary characters because of the power of a good narrative.
9 Tips for Brand Storytelling on Social Media | Social Media Today
February 17, 2016
“A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It's the people that make the place.” -Pittacus Lore. The same can be said about context within a story. Without context your story could lose its meaning, fall on deaf ears or be misinterpreted. It's the context that brings a story to life.
February 15, 2016
Telling a brand story is like telling a love story. It's the most powerful digital marketing tool any organization has, and it’s particularly powerful for purpose-driven brands, where the tangible goal is more than just making a profit.
February 05, 2016
Every Super Commercial you watch this Sunday came with a price tag of five million dollars. The same amount that GoPro will grant in cash prizes this year to its fandom of content creators in the GoPro Awards. The former represents the behemoth of traditional advertising, and the latter is arguably the future. Super Bowl Ads tell :30 to :60 stories that make an immediate impression and the GoPro Awards start stories that last a lifetime. One is an expense and the other is an investment.
February 02, 2016
For a long time, it was believed that people make decisions rationally, while the importance of emotions was not recognised . Nowadays, we understand that people tend to make decisions based mostly on their emotions and positive and negative affect.
January 14, 2016
This is a huge opportunity for businesses both small and large to jump in and find new ways to expand their social media footprint. But how? How important is it to use visuals in social media? And what are the best ways to use it?
Leveraging Twitter’s New Buy Button to Target Customers with Geo-Located Ads | Social Media Today
December 06, 2015
Who doesn't love hearing a juicy story? Whether sitting around a crackling campfire, listening to a horror story, or even just a phone call with a friend venting to you about that bad date last week. We all love listening to a great story, one that both captivates and holds us speechless for a moment in time.
3 Storytelling Tools To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Efforts
December 03, 2015
Do you ever feel like your message gets lost in translation? You're not alone. I once tried to explain transmedia storytelling to my brother-in-law and his head started to spin. Not literally of course, but his ultimate response was, "Bree, you sound like a nuclear scientist." Stories are the anchor we use to keep people from drifting away and it's a proven technique that comes with great benefits.
December 01, 2015
Whether marketers like it or not, social media has managed to create a revolution in the way companies market their offerings. This has put the customer more in control in terms of viewing content and sharing it. Plus, this has also caused a major shift in the consumer-marketer relationship,...