Curtis Harrison

CEO, Social Media Consultant, Real Social

Curtis Harrison has over 15 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and digital marketing specialist, which has helped him create a variety of online services to improve your business's online presence. Whether you are looking for online presence management, a digital market expansion strategy through the use of SEO tools, or social media teaching and learning services, Curtis can help you make your specific online marketing and social media campaigns a success.

Curtis Harrison has a long history of working with social networks in the virtual world through managing social media for clients and in the real world through managing pubs and hotels. In fact, at age 22 he boasted the title of the being the youngest Publican (a licensed owner or manager of pubs) in Queensland, Australia. His relentless drive for business success has led him to constantly learn and develop new skills, and he is known as a person who makes things happen and gets things done.

Managing pubs and hospitality venues from a young age taught him early that social networking helps people create business connections. Today, social networking does not stop at the pub. It extends to your online social presence, and Curtis offers online presence management and advice to help grow your business or promote a brand online that you may be managing.

Curtis Harrison helps you drive traffic to your website, drive traffic to your online store, or drive traffic to your Facebook page and other social media websites. By creating engaging content that is search engine optimized, Curtis helps business owners and marketing teams reduce pay per click advertising costs and instead drive traffic to your website organically by encouraging users to find your website through web searches.

He can help you create digital content strategy plans, which are an essential part of a new business development and should be continuously revamped to increase new customers to existing businesses. As a digital content developer and a search engine optimization expert, Curtis helps clients draw in users that repeatedly visit pages, building customer relationships that last long and drive revenue consistently over a business' lifespan. With his help, you can start reducing marketing costs and increasing lead generation.

Making digital marketing cost effective is an important skill that new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners often struggle with. Curtis realizes that going viral is not always an ideal. Quantity without quality is useless, and businesses should aim to grow engagement consistently. On top of this, his online marketing experience can help your business stand out and attract the right customers or visitors in large numbers, so it is not necessarily a choice between quality or quantity. You can have both with his help.

Curtis Harrison started in social media for Real Estate but has since branched out to online marketing related to all businesses. He offers social media teaching and learning services for social media beginners or regular social media users that want to learn social media growth hacks.

From Curtis' experience using a number of social media platforms for businesses, he has developed an intuitive sense of how to present a project, brand, company or event online, and have it well received. He is fluent in the marketing techniques of all the biggest social media platforms. You can find him being most active on his personal favorite, Twitter. Find him @realsocialite

As an active social media user, he sees the web with a two-sided approach that spans several social media user types. He sees the web not only as a content developer and online reputation manager, but also as an active online customer, fan, and media consumer. This helps him make astute observations of what works on the web and it helps him constantly develop new approaches to beat the competition in the fight for the crowd's attention. These online tips and tricks will put you ahead of the curve in terms of search engine results and click rates.

Working with Curtis Harrison, you will learn techniques using proven strategies to make your customers engage, call, click and subscribe to your business. Whatever your goal is, Curtis can make it a reality. Whether you want to make your customer feel valued or differentiate yourself from competitors, every business can benefit from advanced marketing solutions.

You can access Curtis' tips on social media marketing, in some of his most recently published articles: 12 Inexpensive SEO Tips, Are Home Pages Outdated?, Use Images Effectively in Social Media, Once Upon a Time on Social Media: It Is all about Telling Your Story, Three Properties of Viral Headlines, Importance of Social Spam Removal, and It's Social Media Not Me Media.

These popular and easily accessible articles give a taste of the type of online profile management and growth expertise Curtis can offer your business. Starting with these basic skills in online marketing helps you understand its importance, and as a social media consultant for your brand, business, or company, Curtis Harrison can help you implement these techniques consistently and effectively by creating a personal social media strategy that will help you achieve your social media strategy goals.

To access Curtis and his team's social media management knowledge or to have your business' online media presence managed professionally, contact Real Social on Facebook.

After years of using social media for his own pursuits and business growth successfully, Curtis found himself regularly consulting with others on the benefits of social media and teaching them how to utilize social media for marketing purposes. As the requests for his advice filled his inbox, Curtis found himself working as a full-time digital marketing specialist, consulting with clients around the clock. After recognizing his ability to create consistently successful social marketing campaigns, he knew his next step was to start Real Social, a social media marketing business. Curtis Harrison created Real Social specifically to help you develop a customized plan that complements your business' specific goals in the short term and the long term.

Real Social is not only a Toronto-based social media company but a globally successful international brand with offices in Brisbane, Australia as well. Curtis and his team have been creating and implementing social media marketing strategies for businesses across the globe that work in a variety of unique user markets. Whether you need help with social media for small businesses or social media for multinationals, Curtis, and his team can create a customized strategy and action plan matching your budget and time constraints that will give you results.

Real Social is a full-service digital and social media marketing business that offers online marketing strategy tools like content development, relationship management skills, and benefits realization for business using strategy related to social media. Each one of these marketing tools is essential to making your business more profitable by creating the image and online presence that attracts the customers and visitors you desire.

Real Social helps many business owners project outcomes through using and developing campaigns that suit their needs and digital marketing strategy plans that work. Real Social employs nationally recognized certified trainers that help open your business to opportunities for new profit and new growth. Working with the team will help you become more social media savvy and over time, and will teach you the skills to promote your business online and create positive impressions online on your own.

With Real Social, you will see real results, real improvements, and real achievements regarding your online social media presence.


Curtis was born in Bundaberg, Australia. His thirst for travel led him to Belgium in 1997 where he learned to speak French and Flemish. In the years before he started Real Social, he worked as a carpenter and in hospitality services. He held the prestigious achievement of being the youngest Publican (licensed pub manager and owner) in Queensland at the age of 22.

His experience as a Publican introduced him to the importance of social networks, whether they were in person or virtually. He saw that many good connections were the key to not only social but also business successes.

As social media and digital marketing became crucial for the success of businesses and personal brand awareness, Curtis found himself helping others achieve their social media goals and digital marketing content goals. As a connector himself, he wanted to help others become the type of successful connectors that enjoyed online success and resulting business success. Curtis' enthusiasm, knowledge, and excitement for social media led him to start Real Social in 2011.

Curtis splits his time between Canada and Australia. With his wife Cheryl, he is raising a beautiful little girl named Audrey. On the weekends he enjoys fishing, movies, writing and traveling. Next on his traveling list are India and Alaska.

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Curtis seeks to help businesses drive traffic and conversation to boost production and revenue. Learn techniques using proven strategies to help your customers engage, call, click and subscribe to your business and what you have to offer that your competition doesn't.

As an individual, Curtis prides himself on being a man who can make things happen.