Gopi Mamidipudi

Head Product Management and Marketing, HighPoints Learning Inc. |

Over the last 8 years I have also been deeply fascinated with the area of Online Marketing. I have helped several SMBs with limited resources to build their traffic through SEO techniques effectively. This has helped them earn revenues through subscriptions, Google Adsense and affiliate marketing programs. I have successfully leveraged best practices for the use of social media channels and email marketing campaigns to build brands and promote services of several startup companies. My blogs on Social Media are published, read and shared in one of the most widely read blogs in the space. I am an Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP). I am currently working with startups in the Healthcare industry, building tools enabling collaboration on the web and improving patient compliance with medication through the use of smartphones, tablets and Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. I am providing the strategy for their Online presence and responsible for implementing the strategy effectively. I am available for Consulting opportunities related to Social Media Strategy and its implementation.