Jean L. Serio

Social Media Strategist, Womens Marketing and Business Network

Through strategic use of social media marketing, website search engine optimization, and advanced customer relationship building techniques, Jean helps clients garner greater credibility and the credibility and visibility needed to deliver high-value results by leveraging their on and offline presence.<BR><BR>
Jean's expertise in the art of social marketing mediums, excellent communication and customer service skills are part of what helps assist clients in articulating and clarifying personal marketing expectations and goals. Helping pave the way for creation of an individual plan which produces results for their unique business.<BR><BR>

Jean is a:<BR><BR>
<LI> Social Media Marketing Strategist
<LI>Certified Coach
<LI>ertified Search Engine Marketing Professional
<LI>Trained content writer
<LI>Active member of 10 LinkedIn Groups
<LI>Creator of 8 social and marketing ebooks