Richard Smith


Richard Smith blogs at cinemabox and is a Mechatronics degree holder and a tested marketing professional with a decade long experience backing up his technical skills. He specializes in providing reliable branding options besides taking care of the PR needs of bigger firms. He holds a MS, from University of California at Berkeley in addition to an MBA from the Harvard University. Currently, Richard is the lead panelist at JDP Motorsports and boasts of extensive innovative skills pertaining to the engineering field. Richard started his professional quest at Pioneer Electronics where he joined as an intern. His work responsibilities included maintaining bearings and formulating newer designs, focusing on the latest innovations drawing form at the CES and other bigger events. He also managed an extensive employee database and coded a newer program which still caters to a wider professional flock. His next junction was Stern Faucets, which actually made him a better technician and a thorough professional. Besides creating long-lived electrical faucets, Richard took it upon himself for formulating the marketing strategy of the firm with his management prowess onboard. He gradually learnt the core-competencies of Search Engine Optimization and evolved into a writer par-excellence, taking down every algorithm update from Google, head-on. He dealt with a wider vision, adding in new faces with his graphic intensive prowess, Brand based consulting, manufacturing marketing and many more. He also took care of the branding needs for Heinz and had a keener eye for the logistics and product distribution. In the given role, Richard virtually transformed the development campaign associated with the brand besides creating several hard-hitting catalogues for the firm. Richard resorted to the newest of consulting and web development strategies in addition to the well-researched promotional ventures. Richard's inclination towards the marketing whereabouts can be gauged back to his short-term association with CrowdTap where he was assigned the role of the Chief Strategist. Although he left mid-way for setting up his own firm, he still lends his polished ideas to the sister firms, who often rely upon him for direction. In the shortest possible tenure, Richard made CrowdTap a force to reckon with on adding targeted marketing strategies to the pre-existing hierarchy. CrowdTap peaked during his stay and still maintains a firm position, globally. Richard looks to contribute his findings towards several big websites and manages a blog his own. His articles over major blogging sites like Venture Beat, Business 2 Community, Inquisitr are only a few to name and made excellent reads over a period of time. In his leisure, Richard can be found engrossed in his LinkedIn profile, drafting informative posts for the hardcore professionals. If the literary side in concerned, Richard holds aces up his sleeve! His long term association with the Verge adds to his professional palette, transforming him into a potential goldmine. He boasts of a credible lineage when it comes to drafting user-oriented news and basks under the hood of impeachable language. Richard is multi-lingual and well versed with myriad cultures and varied ethnicities. So, if you are looking towards refurbishing your branding strategy with impeachable expertise and high-end proficiency, then Richard is the person to contact. What sets him apart is his approach to the game followed by an eye for detail. He ascertains a full proof approach, dealing with the market segmentation and brand based proof points. His USP remains to be the exclusive touch-point matrix, separating him from the rest of the herd. He boasts of a well-knit social platform, that gives him access to all the flexibilities and varied marketing perks. Being a professional, Richard drives home intuitiveness as backed up by his extensive professional skills. Follow Richard Smith