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Marketer, digital transformation & business advisor, speaker, blogger, and educator. Disruption enthusiast and Lifestyle-hacking experimentalist.

Principal at IG, Isra was featured for one year as Social Media Today's Best thinker member. He is the creator and author of the paradigm that has revolutionised the social media: Human Media and also founder of Stand OUT Program, and co-founder of Engage Worldwide, Engage Colombia, Mapmakers and IG Webinars. He works also as a digital advisor for Raptor Marketing (UK) and social media marketing adviser for Harbor Ithaka Wealth Management (Miami)

His blog on Social Media, Marketing, disruption, lifestyle, new perspectives, productivity and change is visited by more than 140,000 people every month. With 34 years old, Isra has taken part as a TEDx speaker on three occasions and has participated in more than 330 industry events as speaker. At 27, he started his own agency, and has worked as consultant and analyst on new forms of online communication and marketing for other agencies and brands such as EMI Music (Spain - Portugal), BlackBerry (UK - Ireland), Disney (Spain), Ecopetrol (Colombia), MTV (UK), Lacasitos (Spain), Sónar Festival (Spain), Pioneer (UK) and blur Group (UK - USA), Disney (Spain), Sodexo (LATAM), Amnesia Ibiza (Spain) and Music On (Spain - Italy). He has been the promoter of MONK (UK - Italy - Sao Paulo), the first Human Media Marketing agency, where he worked as Human Media Evangelist and Advisor, and is now involved as head of digital media at Bridges for Music (South Africa - India - Brazil), an international NGO that fosters and encourages change and talent. Isra has also been in charge of Marco Carola's personal brand as one of the most influential artists in the electronic music scene worldwide. He actually advises Ushuaia Beach Hotel, named as number one most technological-advanced hotel in the world.

His fast-moving career has always been related to Web 2.0. Isra´s early work as a consultant, in charge of teams and Digital Marketing strategies for traditional and non-traditional businesses. These are just a few of the highlights of his career. Undoubtedly, Isra adds a visionary and human-technological way to understand this new environment that the Internet has provoked.

Leaving aside companies, roles and projects, Isra has always been characterised by a thrilling passion for the human side of communication and life itself.

Isra writes for international publications such as Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, SmartBrief and contributed with FastCompany and is a guest lecturer at EOI, Fundesem Business School, Nottingham Business School, University of Leeds and University of Manchester. He is co-founder and organiser of "Adictos Social Media" and "Internet Changes Everything." He has also been named one of the top 20 social media bloggers by Solomon McCown, a Boston-based PR agency.

Isra is a 33-year-old visionary and pioneer who has revolutionized the New Media environment with his concept of Human Media based on human business interactions through the Web. Isra pioneered how the new use of online media leverages the Internet through human relationships, Human Business Interactions, connectivity, feelings, resonance and of course people. Specialized studies in Spain, UK and USA represent the base for his international career. Isra has presented his vision about Human Media and its impact on brands, businesses, people and the Web on industry events across different countries.

In only two-and-a-half years, Isra has completed two Ironman races and, since last September, he is one of the only 89 athletes in the world that has completed the three-day ultra endurance event, "Ultraman" (10km swim + 420km bike + 84,3km run). This year he has accomplished what he called the Burning Man Quest; 573km cycling, swimming and running "non-stop" from Fairfield (CA) to Black Rock City (NV) with the ultimate goal of raising funds for building the first music and innovation school in the townships on Langa (Sudáfrica), the social initiative raised more than 104.000 pounds. He has also taken place at the Titan Desert Race - 66kms MTB race through Morocco Desert. Live the Possibility - from Miami to Las Vegas riding a fatty bike and "Desafío por la Vida" - 3 Ironman distance in three days. Isra Garcia always pushes the intellectual and physical work far beyond his limits.

You can find Isra at TEDx events, presenting his perspective on Human Media, the future of social media, change, revolution, Ultraman and disruption. Also, in his Spanish blog and international site

"Writing about oneself is infinitely more difficult than writing about anyone else. You'll find that the story you thought you were telling people isn't the story that people perceived." Isra García.

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