Darnelle O'Brien

Director, The K.I.S.S Marketing Agency |

Darnelle is the director of The K.I.S.S Marketing Agency. Based on the "Keep It Simple" philosophy, Darnelle and her team deliver simple, yet effective marketing solutions for SMBs. Darnelle has over a decade of experience in generating demand and creating buzz through all media, particularly online. She also holds a Bachelor Business (Marketing) and Bachelor Arts (Economics) from ACU North Sydney, Australia and is a Certified Google Partner managing multiple Google AdWords accounts for her clients.

Darnelle's warm personality and "can do" attitude combined with her strengths in the online space, ensures that all client briefs are realised in a timely and effective manner.

We're a team of passionate, straight talking team of marketers. Some examples of what we report on are:

Digital marketing trends and news, social media marketing trends, brand trends, content marketing, b2b marketing, brand design, viral marketing, marketing strategy, email marketing and more.

In a crowded market it helps to have someone in your corner. We not only have the star quarterback, the cheer squad and the winning game plan but we have clocked the mileage to make sure we get you where you need to be. We've been there and we are doing that. Our stories and ideas aren't cookie cutter versions of everything else on the internet rather; every story is researched and is tailored to relevant, small business news and events.

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