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February 25, 2015
The digital culmination of one of the industry’s most coveted awards was when movie icon Julie Andrews took the stage after Lady Gaga’s tribute, generating over 32K engagements.
February 20, 2015
No matter how big or small a social following, the primary focus for all social communities is to listen, be there to interact, and respond in a timely manner to your customers & potential prospects. I’m still shocked daily, when I come across unanswered comments on the walls of major companies, it would take 30 seconds to answer some of these comments, but instead of taking the time most business use the “too big to answer” theory.
February 06, 2015
"Dear Socially Stephanie: I have a men's clothing business. I would like to increase my sales this year, and would like to grow my existing client base and make them my raving fans. How can I do that?"
February 05, 2015
Regular content that people engage with, like, comment and share is where things take off. The important thing is this: knowing what the people on Facebook want. The data can tell us this. It's not a mystery.
January 30, 2015
If your brand is talking to your customers on social media, how do you know if you are living up to their expectations? How do you know you’re truly providing value to your customers? True social media engagement is all about identifying your customers' needs, and being able to engage and reply in real-time to their issues and complaints. If not, customers will easily flock to your competitors.
January 28, 2015
The Super Bowl, one of the most-watched events in broadcasting, has long been a showcase for innovative advertising creativity, but in an attempt to level the ad playing field, marketers have increasingly moved to create up-front buzz for their ads, a tacit recognition that it’s a given their ads will get noticed – along with everyone else’s.
January 27, 2015
To optimize digital engagement, organizations should address five questions focused on strategy, audience, value, feasibility, and when to exit. These questions should certainly be tackled before establishing a presence and committing to engaging on any social or digital platform or channel, but they’re also useful in evaluating whether it’s worthwhile to continue in a particular digital space.
January 27, 2015
If you are stuck on old notions of “being presidential” or of phones, you will inevitably find the way President Obama engages with the public and the way people use smart phones to be out of synch with your (antiquated) expectations. The world is changing around us in dramatic ways. And as technology changes how we do things and, even, what we are able to do, our preconceived notions about how the world is supposed to work must change, too.
January 23, 2015
Let’s take a look at getting your brand and your social media to team up and create an amazingly powerful duo that is sure to take over the world.
January 19, 2015
In 2013 I posed the question, “If a tweet falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” From the perspective of a brand putting out that content and looking for engagement, the answer was – and still is – no. If nobody is seeing, hearing or sharing our content, our returns are negative.