Steve Momorella

Owner/Founder, TEKGROUP |

Steve Momorella, owner and founder, TEKGROUP International, has more than 17 years of direct Internet experience ranging from programming to high-level design and consulting for numerous large corporations including IBM, AOL and Ford Motor Company. Currently, Steve is responsible for the sales and marketing of TEKGROUP's Online Newsroom Solution, used by well-known brands including Toyota, T-Mobile, Prudential, Walgreens, REI, Lenovo, Vail Resorts, Sprint, and many of the Fortune 500 companies. As the head of sales and marketing for TEKGROUP, Steve stays on top of the latest news and events by working with industry experts to conduct research surveys, producing reports on topics such as online newsrooms, social media news, and digital communications. His recent research reports include The Online Newsroom Survey and The Social Media News Survey. He manages all sales and marketing efforts for TEKGROUP by combining his unique background of technology, communications, project management, and years of executive sales experience. Steve is also a frequent speaker for national conference organizations and association meetings, and he is workshop instructor at colleges and universities across the country. Steve has presented at the Public Relations Society of America, Bulldog Reporter Media Relations Summit, Major League Baseball winter meetings, and at the University of Virginia and Western Kentucky University.

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