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October 22, 2016
Developing an effective brand identity is important in all forms of marketing - here are some tips on how to do it.
October 20, 2016
Knowing your audience is critical to maximizing the success of your marketing efforts. Here are three free tools that can help.
October 20, 2016
Reddit can be a great source of information for any brand. Here's an overview of how to use the platform for marketing/research purposes.
Reddit: The Sleeping Dragon of Social | Social Media Today
October 20, 2016
Social media is a 'social' platform, so you need to engage to make the most of it's potential. Here are some ways to help boost your brand's engagement on social.
Social Media Engagement title
October 19, 2016
Well-known content distribution platform Twitterfeed will shut down soon - here are two alternatives to consider.
With Twitterfeed Closing, Consider Buffer and as Worthy Alternatives | Social Media Today
October 19, 2016
Here are some effective (and simple) campaign ideas to get that extra engagement on social media and boost sales this Halloween.
6 Spookily Effective Halloween Social Media Campaign Tricks | Social Media Today
October 19, 2016
Amazon is a marketing leader in personalization - here's how you can use the same principles to boost your marketing efforts.
ow to Personalize Your Content Like Amazon Does With Its Recommendations | Social Media Today
October 18, 2016
While many brands are hesitant to have their leaders on social, the benefits can be significant.
Video game
October 18, 2016
Halloween provides a perfect opportunity to get your audience to talk about and engage with your brand.
4 Ways To Incorporate Halloween In Your Social Media Marketing | Social Media Today
October 17, 2016
Do you have your holiday campaigns locked in? If not, here are some last minute ideas you can use to boost your brand efforts.
6 Last Minute Holiday Social Media Campaigns to Try This Season | Social Media Today